All essential offices are operational and any report 提交 will be addressed by the appropriate office.  为 ongoing updates related to University operations and COVID-19, 请点击这里.



This website allows you to report information about concerning behaviors or incidents in our 能力 community. Please read the description of each category and choose the appropriate report by selecting the corresponding link for the issue you wish to report.

乐鱼app supports a standard of care, 安全, 安全, and inclusion to provide the best educational and work environment possible. You 可以 help 能力 maintain this standard by reporting conduct violations, 不正当的性行为, 歧视或骚扰, general concerns for community member well-being, 伦理问题, or other potential issues or threats to the 能力 community.

If you are concerned about your 安全 or the 安全 of others for an immediate threat, CONTACT 9-1-1 or call the 能力 Police Department at 561-297-3500.


Go to the Sexual Misconduct or 性别歧视 Report 为m (Title IX) 

举报性行为不端事件. 事故包括但不限于:

  • 约会暴力
  • 家庭暴力
  • 强行强奸
  • 强行鸡奸
  • 强行爱抚
  • 用物品强行性侵犯
  • 乱伦
  • 跟踪
  • 法定强奸罪
  • 性骚扰
  • 性别歧视
  • Retaliation based on prior 不正当的性行为 report

欲了解更多信息,请下载 Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Regulation 和  反歧视/反骚扰政策 或访问 公平与包容办公室网站.


Go to the Harrassment or Discrimination Report 为m

Report incidents of discrimination and/or harassment (not included as 不正当的性行为 above) based on:

  • 比赛
  • 国家的起源
  • 婚姻状况
  • 性取向
  • Color
  • 资深地位
  • 政治面貌
  • 性别认同或表达
  • 宗教
  • 年龄
  • 残疾
  • Retaliation based on prior discrimination report

为 further information on Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment, download the Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Regulation 和 反歧视/反骚扰政策 或访问 公平与包容办公室网站.



报告令人担忧的行为. 可报告的行为可能包括, 但不限于, a student who you feel may be struggling with physical or psychological issues, is in need of support to maintain appropriate behavior in academic areas or displays any other behaviors of concern that you would like to see addressed or would like to discuss.

为 further information on conduct issues related to a student, 下载乐鱼app行为准则 或访问 Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution website.



Report academic integrity or social behaviors that you may feel are violations of the 乐鱼app行为守则. Behaviors may include any activities or actions that you feel are an infraction of the community standards. The 乐鱼app行为守则 (University Regulation 4.007), which provides details related to all community standards, 可以 be found in the 乐鱼app行为守则. Please note that violations of alleged 不正当的性行为 should be reported via the 性行为不端/第九章 link on this page.

为 further information on conduct issues related to a student, 下载乐鱼app行为准则 这里或参观 Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution website.



报告与欺辱有关的问题. 任何乐鱼app组织, 乐鱼app俱乐部, 包括兄弟会或姐妹会的分会, 殖民地, or student member of such chapter or 殖民地 shall conduct, 参与, 或者纵容欺侮行为. This policy shall apply to acts conducted on or off campus whenever such acts are deemed to constitute Hazing. 使朦胧包括, 但不限于, any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or 安全 of a student for purposes including, 但不限于, initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization operating under the sanction of 乐鱼app.

关于Hazing的更多信息, 查看欺凌策略 或访问 Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life website.



Report general student concerns that you would like to be addressed by the Dean of Students Office.


Go to the Reporting 为m > 

报告一个与粮食不安全有关的问题. Students may use this form to self-report needs and seek resources from the Beyond Food program.  教师, staff and community members may  also refer students that are hungry or in need of basic hygiene products.  Students will be provided with up to a 3-day supply of food and/or personal products (e.g. 肥皂、洗发水等).   This program provides students with various resources to assist in raising food 安全 levels in order to support holistic well-being and academic success.   

为 further information about Beyond Food Program, click 在这里.




Report allegations of waste, fraud and abuse within the University. 

担心浪费, fraud and abuse may be reported through the anonymous complaint form on the 能力 Inspector's General's Website, 或通过福田大学第三党道德热线

为 further information on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, 下载规则5.011年大学伦理, 下载大学欺诈政策.9,或前往 合规与道德办公室


办公室的股权 & 纳入-上诉表格

去公平办公室 & 纳入-上诉表格

所有参与调查的人  可以  上诉决定  关于  responsibility, a dismissal of a formal complaint, or a dismissal of any allegations of a complaint 上诉表格必须是  提交  within five (5) business days of the dismissal or determination.   

Appeals will only be accepted on the following basis:  

  1. Procedural irregularity that affected the outcome of the matter; and/or  
  2. New evidence that was not available at the time of determination 关于 responsibility or dismissal that could affect the outcome of the matter; and/or 
  3. 第九条协调员, 调查员(s), or decision-maker(s) had a conflict of interest or a bias for or against complainant(s) or respondent(s) generally or the individual complainant or respondent that affected the outcome of the matter. 


为  额外的  信息,  联系衡平法办公室 & 包含在561-297-3004. 


报告大学内部的道德问题. 联系能力的首席合规官 & Ethics Officer at 561-297-3004 or submit an anonymous report to 能力’s third-party ethics hotline at